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FiberLogic Communications, Inc.

5F-3, No.9 Prosperity Road One, Science-Park Hsinchu City, TAIWAN

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The OptiQwave is a carrier class point to point digital microwave. We focus on high quality transmission quality with 99.999% availability guaranteed, and offer unparalleled performance/price ratio.

The OptiQwave products support both space and frequency diversity with flexible interface including T1/E1, Gigabit Ethernet and STM-1. The operating frequencies cover 4G~18G Hz licensed and licensed-exempted frequency. Deployed in the worldwide harsh ambient environment, our products provide superior field proven performance.


Our innovative technology presents the edge leading 400M bps Fiber Optical Multiplexer (FOM) OptiQmax 4380. As a pioneer of access technology, we provide the seamless connectivity to integrate the TDM and IP service in a single platform over protective optical fiber. The outstanding bandwidth performance is ideally suitable for the 2G/3G/LTE backhaul application which demands extraordinary high bandwidth.

In combination with OptiQwave digital microwave, Fiber Logic provides comprehensive wire line and wireless backbone and backhaul solutions via manifold telecommunication network.

The OptiQroute load balancing server manages multiple internet links from different ISP. With its 10 build in load balancing algorithms and QoS mechanism, the inbound and outbound traffic are optimized and delivered over multi high speed links. The failover link protection and redundant VRRP server backup ensure your internet connection connected without disruption.

In addition, The MeshVPN proposes the pioneering full mesh VPN network to advance the VPN features in OptiQroute. The managed VPN links offer the benefits of VPN failover and VPN load balancing capability.