Next Generation Digital Microwave
The OptiQwave 8700 series is a new generation point-to-point digital microwave system that provides 4/8/16/21 E1 fiber-like transmission quality, and The high integrated system design supports either space diversity protection mode or (1+1) protection mode to secure fail-safe transmission links.
SDH Digital Microwave
To address the bandwidth increasing demand of broadband network, OptiQwave 8300 series offers the STM-1 interface to seamlessly connect to the existed SDH network.
PDH Digital Microwave
FiberLogic's PDH Digital Microwave offers both the highest reliabily and cost-effective architecture for up to 16E1/T1 or 1E3/DS3 plus broadband ethernet integrated PDH microwave link.
Network Management System
The OptiQview 7750 is a client-server based NMS (Network Management System) managing all the OptiQwave network elements. With its full-featured capability, it provides Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security (FCAPS) functions from a single location.

SDH Multiplexer
The economical and full featured OptiQmax 5100/5100R SDH is ideally suited for the extention of SDH networks to the enterprise CPE and access local loop.
The OptiQmax 2100 and 4100 series are intelligent, cost-efficient and carrier class E1/T1 and T3 CSU/DSU. The series of products have been deployed in the worldwide and offer field proven high communication quality and reliabilty.
Inverse Multiplexing
The OptiQmax 4200 utilizes Inverse Multiplexing technology to provid 4 E1 uplinks to be connected to the existed PDH or SDH networks. The customer benefits from not only saving the expensive E3 leased line, but gain the wider bandwidth immediately from the E1 expansion.

Gigabit Load Balancer
The OptiQroute 2510 offers the highest performance with inbound and outbound throughput up to 900 Mbps. There are 10 WAN ports including 2 Gigabit ethernet ports connected to the ISP internet interface. The unprecedented system features protects your investment safe in the future.
Mesh VPN Load Balancer
The OptiQ2300 series porvide a full meshed branch office VPN, in addition to inbound/outbound load balancing. The VPN link benefits the VPN load balancing and VPN failover from its enhanced VPN tunnel trunking function.
Load Balancer
We offer enterprise-class load balancers OptiQroute 2100 series with unparrelled feature/price ratio. The outstanding inbound and outbound tarffic management capability optimize the internet connection with automatic WAN links failover.