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The quality and availability of internet access is no doubt to be an extraordinary important topic to enterprise daily operation. Single ISP or Single line not only be unable to afford the broadband bandwidth demand of enterprise, but runs the disconnectivity risk of the only one internet line. Load balancing is the solution to aggregate multiple internet lines in order to distribute traffic efficiently, improve traffic flow and reduce bottlenecks brought about by the use of a single connection. The OptiQroute 2100 load balancer series provide failover capability over the exsited internet lines, ensure your internet always to get connected.

The OptiQroute 2180 load balancer offers 8 WAN ports to be interconnected with ISP links, including E1, T1, ADSL or cable modem. By the traffic inbound balance and outbound balance realized in the same appliance over the 8 WAN links, the optiQroute 2180 optimizes both the incoming and outgoing traffic flow over multiple high speed links. The automatic failover of WAN links ensures the connectivity to the internet while one link is fail.

Aside from its unprecedented load balancing capability, the OptiQmax 2180 offers enterprise-class security facilities including SPI firewall, Anti-DoS, and IDS/IPS etc., to protecc your information security from intrusive destruction.

While VPN links are desired between enterprise brance offices, the OptiQroute 2180 offers the point to point VPN tunnel set up capability and secure the data flow through the IPSec/L2TP/PPTP security algorithm. There are amount for 300 LAN-to-LAN and 800 road warrior IPSec VPN tunnels supported by the system.

In addition to the link failover and VPN failover capability, The OptiQroute 2180 offers redundant router backup mechanism based on VRRP to further enhance the operation reliability. While the master OptiQroute 2180 fails, the standby OptiQroute 2180 takes place to resume the connection seamlessly.

The OptiQroute 2180 is an economical but full featured load balancer appliance, which is the ultimate selection for any size of enterprise to ensure your internet connection safe and efficient.

Features and Benefits:

8 x 100M WAN ethernet WAN ports to ISPs

Support both Inbound and Outbound load balance, with throughput 100 Mbps

Optimize bandwidth utilization through build-in bandwidth management and QoS algorithm

Support WAN links failover and VPN tunnels failover

Support VRPP dual routers backup

Up to 300 LAN-to-LAN and 800 road warrior IPSec VPN tunnels

Comprehensive network security supported, including VPN/SPI Firewall, NAT/PAT and Anti-Dos

Easy to use web-based GUI Administration interface

The ultimate load balancer choise suited for samll or medium enterprise

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