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The OptiQwave 8700 series is a new generation point-to-point digital microwave system that provides 4/8/16/21 E1 fiber-like transmission quality with reaching distance up to 80 Km.

The OptiQwave 8700 series is equipped with the industrial leading edge modular design. The individual module in the system is hot-swappable when the system is in service running, which eliminate the out of service period when module replacement is necessary.

The high integrated system design supports either space and frequency protection mode or (1+1) protection mode, which offers the carrier flexible network protection strategy.

Thanks to the sophisticated hardware and software technology, The OptiQwave 8700 series offers the unprecedented performance on co-channel and adjacent channel interference immunity, superb system gain with advanced FEC (Forward Error Correction) algorithm and the multi-path fading problem is efficiently alleviated with a high performance DFE adaptive equalizer.

Key Features:

Provide 4/8/16/21 E1 interface

High reliability with 99.999% availability

Microwave link distance up to 80 km

High reliability with 99.999% availability

Wide-rage operating frequency bands cover: 4~13GHz

Built-in advanced DFE adaptive equalizer to solve multi-path fading problem

FEC (Forward Error Correction Coding) for superb system gain

Hitless 1+1 hot standby capability

Space and frequency diversity yield hitless transmission protection

SNMP management & SNMP based GUI

Single-ended maintenance capability

Enhanced performance monitoring of tributary interface

Built-in PRBS, local and remote loopbacks for ease of trouble-shooting

Automatic transmit power control

Application Diagram:

(1+0) Space Diversity Application:

Multi-path microwave interference problem takes place in some particular environment, which seriously affects the radio communication quality. The OptiQwave 8700 and 8780 series solve this issue and get excellent performance by offering the space diversity scheme integrated in the system already.

Thanks to the flexible protection switch scheme of OptiQwave 87xx series, space and frequency diversity or (1+1) hot standby protection switch is provided to offer reliable and secure communication quality.

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