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With the popularity of broadband application like internet access, the deployment for a higher capacity backhaul is mandatory to support the increasing bandwidth demand. To address the demand of high capacity backhaul, FiberLogic offers the OptiQwave 8300 series with STM-1 interface, which fully compliant to the industrial SDH standard, to seamlessly connect to the existed SDH network.

The OptiQwave 8300 series is a license-exempt digital microwave multiplexer operating at 5.8G Hz ISM band with reaching distance up to 45 Km. For the benefit of OptiQ8300 series Operating at the un-licensed frequency, it can be deployed promptly, greatly eliminating the costs and delays involved in leasing lines.

Customer Benefits:

Cost-effective and rapid deployment in the first time.

License-exempt frequency operation help carrier deliver service in record time.

Full featured NMS simplifies the Operator’s OAM&P daily operation.

Protection Option:

With OptiQwave 8155, the system provides hot-standby automatic protection

Key Features:

High speed STM-1 optical or electrical interface

Operating at 5.8G License-exempt ISM band

Microwave link distance up to 45 km

High reliability with 99.999% availability

Build-in PRBS loop back test making easy troubleshooting

Front LCD panel operation for configuration and maintenance convenience

GUI EMS network management system based on Client-Server SNMP architecture

Application Diagram:

PSTN Service Extending for the Rural Area:

Due to difficult terrain, harsh environment or sparse population characteristic of the rural area, the deployment of optic fiber or wire cable is not commercially feasible to the carrier operator. Microwave point to point link solution is the ideal strategy to extend the PSTN voice and data service to the rural edge. FiberLogic OptiQwave series of products are cost-effective and rapid deployment equipment, which significantly reduce the carrier's wire network construction effort, and therefore save the operator's CAPEX and OPEX cost and shorten the service delivery schedule. The OptiQwave series of products provide the highest level 99.999% operational availability acting as the network communication backhaul.

Fixed Line Network Backup:

Microwave radio links do not suffer from the long period service outage due to communication cable damage like fiber cut issue. The OptiQwave series of products supply the reliable backup network links for the vital network link to protect the communication services. We provide a portfolio of industry standard interface E1/T1, DS3/E3, Ethernet and STM-1 optical and electrical interface to fully support the TDM and IP services. The modular and hot swappable interface card design makes the future expansion smoothly when the business grows. Your investment is safely protected by our considerable design. Our solutions are also ideal for disaster recovery and emergent event that require service to be rolled out in time.

2G/3G Mobile Network Backhauling:

Fiber optic, copper wire or microwave radio link is the commonly applied backhaul connection between the BST (Base Station) and BSC (Base Station Controller). While there is no network infrastructure built between BST and BSC, The microwave radio links are considered as the most cost effective and prompt way in record time to provide the mobile service to the subscribers. FiberLogic’s OptiQwave series of products are deployed worldwide and act as simple and reliable fail-safe network backhauling for the 2G and 3G carriers. Not only the TDM service provided for the voice application, the Ethernet interface is build in the OptiQwave system to provide the IP service for the booming data application of mobile user.

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