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  OptiQmax 2100
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The OptiQmax 2100 is an intelligent, full featued CSU/DSU product that provides an interface between customer-premise equipment (such as routers, server worksatation and digital PBXs) and T1/E1 transport networks, thereby providing an cost-efficient solution to achieve point to point appliaction including remote file sharing, LAN-toLAN connectivity, tele-collaboration and etc.

The OptiQmax 2100 is a single port CSU/DSU with V.35 DTE interface. It offers a wide range of high performance and cost-effective adavntage. The OptiQmax 2100 can be controlled and configured through front-panel LCD operations, local terminal, or SNMP management through a modem connection. Users can remotely control and diagnose OptiQmax 2100 from anywhere.

Features and Benefits:

Low cost, single port E1/T1 CSU/DSU

Single V.35 DTE port connected to customer DTE equipment for point-to-point application

User programable synchonous data rates in an increment of 56K or 64K at the DTE port

Powerful web-based network management and SNMP management

Front LCD panel and keypads are equippted for convenient configuration

Comprehensive performance monitoring record in an incrementals of 15 min. and 24 hours up 7 days

Application Diagram:

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