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The phenomenal growth of the Internet can be seen in the explosive deployment of DS3 digital line facilities worldwide in the backbone connectivity, OptiQmax 4110 is actually the most powerful DS3 CSU/DSU, or DS3 channel line performance-monitoring unit in the market.

OptiQmax 4100 provides 2 HSSI or V.35 DTE data interfaces. With user programmable bandwidth allocation of each port that connects high-speed bridges, routers, front-end processors and other DTE to a T3 network, it is ideal for T3 backbone connectivity.

OptiQmax 4110 exceeds the competitors by providing 3 flexible user operation interfaces, including LCD front panel, CID using VT-100 and SNMP via Ethernet port connection. In addition, OptiQmax 4110 offers excellent performance monitoring features including extensive error records, alarm history reports as well as PRBS and various loop back tests. These features simplify troubleshooting, reduce network downtime and remote technician support costs.

Features and Benifits:

Up to two HSSI or V.35 data ports

User-programmable data rate in an increment of 0.3M bps

Powerful web-based network management and SNMP management

Extensive monitoring and diagnosis of line and path performance

Reliable, flexible and cost effective

Ideal for T3 Internet backbone connectivity

Application Diagram:

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