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The OptiQmax 5100 is a family of Fiberlogic SDH products.

Due to the high reliability and flexible ring networking architecture, the SDH network has evolved into the major network backbone in the existed carrier network since SDH/SONET technology was developed. Extension from the backbone, SDH is widely deployed in the access local loop or as an optical component (CPE) as well, by the demand of broadband application. The benefits to adopt SDH as the CPE installed in the enterprise, street corner or in the building, can be summarized in the extensive end-to-end path control and monitoring capabilities offered by SDH networks.

The OptiQmax 5000 is a carrier class 1U height compact design STM-1 SDH. It offers 16E1 or 8E1+1 DS3 PDH links to be seamlessly connected to the SDH network. The OptiQmax 5100 provides economic, high quality transmission service, neatly compact size ideally suited to be placed in the building or street infrastructure.

Full management of remote OptiQmax 5000 from a single location is offered by the OptiQmax SNMP Network Management System (NMS). Including Operation, configuration and fault management etc. OAM&P maintenance features with minimum site visiting.

Features and Benefits:

1U height compact design

16xE1 or 8E1 plus 1 SD3 tributary links, and STM-1 optical links complied to ITU-T G.703/813/958

Support SNC protection in 2 fiber-rings topology. Complied with ITU-T Rec. G.841

Three service modes for Virtual Channel -Terminate, Add Drop and Pass Through

Up to 1x10E-12 system error rate

Three timing options for system synchronization -External Input, Line Timing and Internal clock

The reference timing failure will fall back to internal clock automatically with +-4.6ppm accuracy

DCC Channels for ease of remote management

Reach distance up to 40 or 60 KM

1310nm optical MLM mode laser transceiver, 1510nm for option

hot swappable tributary cards, no tarffic service disturbed by each other while maintenance necessary

build-in Performance Monitoring counting for CV, ES, SES, UAS error bits

Front LCD display with keypad, Console port and SNMP LAN port offered for ease of operation and management.

AC and DC power feeding concurrently with hot standby capability

Operation temperature up to 60 Celsius degree

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