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The OptiQmax 5100R is a family of Fiberlogic SDH products. The OptiQmax 5100R and OptiQmax 5100 construct a SDH ring topology with optical auto protection mechanism. The OptiQmax 5100R is installed in the central office and the OptiQmax 5100 is often installed in the street corner or in the building servicing as a CPE. The robust ring topology is ideally suited as the mobile station backhaul networking application to link the remote base station (BS) and base station controller (BSC) located in the central office, with the fail safe optical path protection.

The OptiQmax 5100R is 6U height, with E1/T1 and T3 ports front accessed. The variety of 1+1 or 1:N protected modules provide unprecedented failure recovery safety due to hardware problem, to ensure the highest system reliability. The protected modules include Time Generation Module (TGU), Switch Unit (SWU), and STM-1 Unit.

The OptiQmax 5000R offers 63 x E1 or 3 x DS3 PDH links to be seamlessly connected to the SDH network. Full management of OptiQmax 5000R from a single location is offered by the OptiQmax SNMP Network Management System (NMS). Including Operation, configuration and fault management etc. OAM&P maintenance features with minimum site visiting.

Features and Benefits:

6U height, with E1/T1 and DS3 ports front accessed

Modular E1 and DS3 tributary hardware design. Accomodate 63 x E1 tributary links

Support SNC protection in 2 fiber-rings topology.Complied with ITU-T Rec. G.841.

STM-1 interface complied with ITU-T G.703/813/958.

Three service modes for Virtual Channel -Terminate, Add Drop and Pass Through

Three timing options for system synchronization -External Input, Line Timing and Internal clock.

Hardware Protection: Clock and Power unit for 1+1 protection.E1 and DS3 for 1:N protection

Support one 2MHz output Clock

DCC Channels for ease of remote management.

Reach distance up to 60 KM

Hot swappable E1 and DS3 tributary cards. User traffic is not disturbed by each other

Performance monitoring records as CV, ES, SES, UAS error bits

LCD display and key pad for easy access to the system

AC and DC power feeding concurrently with hot standby capability.

Operation temperature up to 60 Celsius degree.

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